Diabetes can have a major impact on foot health. Diabetes can speed up vascular disease causing poor circulation in the feet. This can lead to poor skin condition and slow healing which in turn can increase susceptibility of infection and ulceration.

Diabetes can also have an effect on nerve supply to the feet. There are three main types of nerves in the feet and all these can be affected causing anything from numbness in the feet, to a change in your foot structure. Numbness in the feet is also known as neuropathy and means that your pain perception is reduced and you are more susceptible to trauma. If you have even the smallest changes to your foot structure the pressures on your sole change and you have a higher chance of ulceration.

We are highly skilled in determining your level of foot health and use numerous testing methods to assess your risk in developing possible complications. We use the most up to date wound care and pressure offloading techniques available and work closely with other health professionals to offer you the most comprehensive care available.

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Cause: Most commonly the cause is open backed shoes, such as thongs, sling backs of high heels. Patients.


Ingrown -Toenails

Ingrown Toenails can be very painful and so many people put off seeking treatment until the nail is deteriorated.



Painful calluses, corns and cracked heels are commonly experienced during pregnancy, while nails become difficult.