Tinea or Athletes Foot

Cause: As with fungal nails, tinea pedis is a fungal or mycotic infection. The fungus responsible is known as Trichophyton. Again, the causes of tinea may be found in floors, carpets, communal showers and spreads from person to person from contact with these items. Fungal infections love moist warm environments like that between toes.

What are they? A red or pink discolouration of the skin, often between the toes. The skin may flake split or peel and is generally itchy and burns. Tinea is also known as athlete’s foot. Up to 70% of people may suffer this at some time.

How do we treat them? First of all, remove the warm and moist environment, air your feet regularly, keeping them clean and dry. Footwear that is breathable will help with this. Secondly, our podiatrist can recommend a number of effective regimes that will help remove this annoying bug and teach you how to prevent its return.


Cause: Most commonly the cause is open backed shoes, such as thongs, sling backs of high heels. Patients.


Ingrown -Toenails

Ingrown Toenails can be very painful and so many people put off seeking treatment until the nail is deteriorated.



Painful calluses, corns and cracked heels are commonly experienced during pregnancy, while nails become difficult.