Foot Pain

When shopping for new footwear, you should consider:

  • Always having both feet measured for length and width.
  • The shoe should fit the natural shape of the foot especially around the toes.
  • Toes should move freely and not be squashed from the top or sides, 10mm of growing room should be allowed for children, this should be measured from the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Shoes should fit comfortably around the heel and not be too loose or too tight.
  • Washing feet and keeping them dry and clean helps to avoid irritation.
  • Wear cotton socks, change them daily and air your shoes overnight to help reduce skin problems.

A visit to a podiatrist is recommended if:

  • You notice uneven shoe wear.
  • If you notice skin rashes, hard skin lumps or bumps on your feet.
  • Your feet suffer in-grown toe nails, athlete’s foot or verrucas (plantar warts).
  • You suffer recurrent pain in feet or legs.
  • You are unexpectedly tripping or falling.

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Cause: Most commonly the cause is open backed shoes, such as thongs, sling backs of high heels. Patients.


Ingrown -Toenails

Ingrown Toenails can be very painful and so many people put off seeking treatment until the nail is deteriorated.



Painful calluses, corns and cracked heels are commonly experienced during pregnancy, while nails become difficult.