What is the difference between custom made devices and over the counter devices?

Over the counter (OTC) devices generally come in 3 or 4 sizes small to extra large. They do not come in different arch heights.

Over the counter devices are generally made from fairly cheap materials, and have a much shorter life span, than custom-made devices. They do not cope well with body weight or pressure of walking.

These devices are generally excellent at quick and short term pain relief. In fact some heel pain conditions resolve well with over the counter devices as part of the treatment regime. Others however do not!

Custom made devices are made from a plaster cast of your feet in combination with a long list of biomechanical measurement, which reveal your feet, legs and body’s best way of running, walking or playing.

Materials for custom-made devices are more hard wearing and will last for an average of 2 –3 years.

Custom made devices are exactly that “custom made” so may be designed to be accommodated in your footwear more precisely, to suit your chosen sport and activity levels.

A good common sense approach involves addressing soft tissue work and orthoses, addressing both the symptoms and why this occurred.